The book «Peter-Paul Fortress»

Arturas Jonauskas «Peter and Paul Fortress»

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The right angles and straight lines of St. Petersburg’s street plan make the time stop, engaging the spectator in the inner rhythm of their precise geometry, leading the eye – and the thought – to the ultimate point of focus.
The city’s regular lines create movement, inviting us to keep guessing about what we are going to find around yet another corner of the city’s granite-clad streets and waterways…
Every gust of wind, every splash of the waves serves to bring home the idea of what it means to be on the banks of the Neva River.

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Publication Type — Artist’s Books (libros de artista)
Format 17×9 cm (6,7×3,5 in)
Collotype printing P5, letterpress printing with copper P1
Paper Goznak 100% cotton
Photos, text, printing, production of Arthur Jonauskas.
Limited edition of 50 copies
The English and Russian versions
All images and text are printed in the book by hand by the author.

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