Artur Jonauskas. Printmaker.

The Artist’s book «St. Petersburg»

Petersburg is quite self-sufficient. A little jealous, and demands of communication alone. Although it sometimes seems — to be yourself, it does not require residents whose traces it with persistence and perseverance repeatedly washed away by rain, the wind blows from the folds of his bridge.
Unlike other cities, he (and only he) creates the very unique aura of the place, which certainly changes all falling under its mystical charm.
There is magic, finds here its quite tangible view, is not to be questioned, or to any other interpretation.
It is necessary to let go of thoughts start moving, be sure to begin to hear music, changing in bizarre forms of the urban environment.
She did not need an explanation or translation. It is enough to get here, and everything will be clear from the first phrase. The city itself knows how to tell and show what he meant. The hand of the artist reality correcting images that arise in the mind.

Text, pictures, design, layout Arthur Ionauskas
Publisher: Arthur Ionauskas
Prepress, Printing: ArtPechatnya
City: St. Petersburg
Year: 2016-2017
Printing: printing collotype technique (collotype) P5, P1
Paper Goznak estampnaya 100% cotton 250 gm
Format 14,5×20,5 cm
Number of pages: 32
limited edition of 50 copies