Arturas Jonauskas – Artist’s Statement

Photographer, artist, experimentalist. Since 2002 I have used different ways of printing as a tool of personal ideology and experience expression in my art. It is a pleasure to master old and develop new alternative ways of getting photographic images. I developed the original version of collotype printing method.

In my creative research I left simple experiments with technologies aside as work with alternative photographic processes gives me freedom in choosing material and its properties. It is a real satisfaction of artwork creation.

I teach creative photography in my own school.

Images are printed with Etching Inks on a prepared surface (oilprint), or ink is transferred from matrix to a blank piece of paper (oilprint transfer) which makes the work similar to etching impression. Finished artwork possesses properties of both photo and prints thus breaking perception difference between new and traditional art and broadening borders of internal dialogues.

Subdued black and white (less frequently – monochrome colored) impression gamut rich of delicate half-tone relationships masterfully interprets calm emotions developing lively feelings. From all the variety of subjects I select those expressing personal attitude to a printed matter.

All images are made in the technique of collotype.
More work is on the gallery page.